Epilation with Laser Alexandrite

What is Laser Alexandrite?

Laser Alexandrite ARION III is the most effective and painless method of hair removal with permanent results.

This method has been safely used in aesthetic dermatology

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Enzyme-based Hair Removal

This is a treatment suitable for the gradual reduction of hair growth (in case of bloom) and for the delay of hair removal until the next time. It is usually performed on your face but also on your legs, arms, armpits and bikini. When bee waxing exacerbates the existing hair growth on areas dependent on hormones, then enzyme hair removal will reduce it.

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Permanent hair removal with IPL Laser

What is IPL hair removal or pulsed light (IPL)?

This is a method for permanent and painless hair removal. Intense pulsed light appliances are used that are based on the use of LASER and these are the most appropriate for permanent hair removal.

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Radical hair removal using a needle

Radical hair removal is intended to remove persistent hair growth permanently on areas such as the neck, cheekbones, lady moustache, belly, chest, nipples. It is the most effective and reliable method for hair removal.

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Bee waxing

It is suitable for temporary removal of hair growth from areas that are not dependent on hormones (legs, bikini, armpits).

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