What is IPL hair removal or pulsed light (IPL)?

This is a method for permanent and painless hair removal. Intense pulsed light appliances are used that are based on the use of LASER and these are the most appropriate for permanent hair removal.

They produce filtered light energy of high intensity, which is absorbed selectively by hair melanin and converts to heat energy that eventually destroys the hair follicle.

What is its success rate?

The specialised IPL appliance is programmed in a such a way that it adjusts light emission according to the skin phototype (skin colour) and the size and colour of the hair we want to remove.

The right selection of parameters in the appliance can result in hair removal at a rate of 75% to 95%.

Who can get this treatment?

The treatment can be followed by EVERYONE.

Dark hair and fairer skin have the quickest results. The same final result can be achieved for lighter hair and darker skin, but a greater number of sessions will be required.

On which body areas can IPL be applied?

It is safely applied everywhere even on sensitive areas (e.g. face, bikini, armpits) with a great success rate in a quick and painless way.

How many applications are required to see permanent results?

Applications vary depending on skin colour, hair and the specific area from which we want to remove the hair.

Hormone-dependent areas (e.g. face, belly line, chest etc.) require more applications. The final result is usually reached after 8 to 10 applications.

On the remaining body areas (e.g. arms, legs) around 6 applications are required.

However, results are quite visible on your body from the 2nd or 3rd application and on your face from the 3rd or 4th application.

What are the side-effects? Is there a possibility of skin cancer?

NO, because IPL is a completely safe method. The pulsed light technology is suitable for hair removal. It has been used for several years now and no carcinogenic effect has been discovered.

Nevertheless, there are some contra-indications such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Exposure to solar radiation or solarium
  • Use of topical pharmaceutical preparations causing photo-sensitivity, e.g. retinoids, acids etc.
  • Ingestion of medication (retinoids etc.) causing photo-sensitivity
  • History of keloid scars

When is the ideal time to start the hair removal treatment?

Winter is the ideal time when the skin has lost all or most of its melanin content from tanning in the summer.

In this case, we can use use greater intensities (joules) in order to achieve better results. In addition and because the initial 3-4 sessions must be done on a monthly basis, it would be wise not to be exposed to solar radiation in-between sessions so that we will not reduce intensities that will lead to the best possible results.

How effective and permanent is this method?

The effectiveness of the method and the rate of permanent hair removal depend on the right parameters and the high energy levels that will be used. This also pertains to the energy of the appliances. The result greatly depends on the quality of the IPL appliance too.



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