At KALMIA, we offer the BLOMDAHL medical piercing method for nose and ears. Piercing is carried out by our staff following practice and theoretical seminar attendance.

4 important details concerning ear piercing:

  • Sterilised earrings in a disposable case. In this way, there is protection against transmissible diseases (AIDS, hepatitis etc).
  • Earrings are made of surgical suture or medical natural titanium, materials that are exceptionally skin friendly. In this way, nickel allergies are avoided. Nickel is contained in most of the widely-available earrings and it is responsible for allergies.
  • Clasp is key to successful healing. The BLOMDAHL patented clasping form secures the earring and the clasp within a specified interval between them so that the ear is aerated for better healing.
  • The ear and nose hole is done using the special earring that has a thick stud. In this way, when you remove the initial earring after six weeks, you will be able to wear your new earrings with safety and no injuries, inflammation or pain.

At Kalmia, you will find post-piercing earrings and nose rings made of natural titanium and surgical suture with a 10% discount for those who  get their piercing with the BLOOMDAHL method.

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