Electrotherapy is a method of passive exercise intended to treat specific body areas. Low voltage interpolating currents are conducted by the electrodes used and these lead to the contraction and exercise of muscles.

It is a painless method that is applied topically on the areas to be treated and gets the maximum results in reducing the fatty tissue in those areas, because it forces muscle movement and boosts topical fat metabolism.

Electrotherapy is a method based on accepted scientific principles and knowledge in biology, physics and chemistry. It is beneficial for the lymphatic, vascular, arterial and muscular systems.

It can be used for:

  1. Full body weight loss
  2. Topical weight loss
  3. Cellulite
  4. Muscular invigoration (toning)
  5. Lymphatic massage
  6. Hip lift
  7. Breast lift
  8. Waist & back problems

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