At Kalmia Beauty Salon, we aim to promote beauty and weight loss through treatments and machines for weight loss fully combined with a healthy and balanced diet plan. The diet support system we offer is personalized and based on the profile of each individual client, as well as on the diagnosis of the dietary deficiencies they experience.

Client support is provided by diagnostic tests (leg-thigh index checks, basic metabolism check, calculation of body fat, check of fat composition, muscle mass & body fluids) and we offer the following services:

  • Adult – teen – childhood obesity
  • Diet consultation
  • Prevention and treatment of pathological conditions through diet
  • Diet for special groups (sports, pregnancy, menopause)
  • Preservation of lost kilos

Our salon cooperates with the dietician – nutritionist Olympia Vlaseros, member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Dieticians - Nutritionists, graduate of Harokopio University, Department of Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences 2011. Ms Vlaseros participated in the epidemiological study MEDIS (Mediterranean Islands Study) on the research topic of "Consumption of beverages and BMI in old age", which had also been the thesis for her dissertation. Within the framework of her graduate training, she cooperated with the "Athens General Hospital G. Gennimatas" and the "Alexandra, General Hospital of Athens".

She often volunteers to speak about nutrition issues at schools, while she had also been a member of the local group of the Municipality of Argyroupolis - Attica Region for the international programme "PAIDIATROFI by EPODE".

Now, she provides her services at beauty salons with the aim to promote a balanced diet, well-being and health effectively, always taking into consideration the client's needs. Diet plans are personalized, with respect to your preferences and daily routine.

The combination of diet monitoring with advanced methods of topical fat loss, reduction of cellulite and sagging skin, provided by Kalmia Beauty Salon, helps to achieve a targeted and optimum result for your full satisfaction.

Diet Support is available every Wednesday afternoon by appointment.

The first session involves a calculation of body fat, medical history of the client and diagnosis of their dietary habits and it lasts an (1) hour.

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Monday - Friday: 11am - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 3pm