The BODY WRAP treatment using cosmetics by the German company DR Rimpler combines visible body contouring and sculpting with the treatment of cellulite and sagging skin.

The BODY WRAP method is based on the treatment of swelling though compression and lymph stimulation achieved by the application of a special membrane that is wrapped around the areas under treatment with the right pressure and in the right way.

The beautician has been trained to know the correct "wrapping technique", which promotes the following when combined with DR Rimpler products:

  1. Stimulation of the lymphatic system circulation.
  2. Intracellular metabolism of fat reserves.
  3. Activation of cellular regeneration that helps in treating sagging skin.

Before the special wrapping is carried out, your body is treated using suitable cosmetics and massage with cupping glasses, which due to the negative pressure during the massage causes a considerable increase in blood circulation locally and multiplies the results in fat dilution and tissue detox.

From the very first treatment, the stored fat is forced to brake down and it is discarded due to the stimulation of lymphatic drainage as well as of blood circulation. Swelling and cellulite are reduced and tissues are smoothed down.

Treatment stages

  • Enzymatic body peeling
  • Application of Thermogel on the areas with fat excess and of Slimming gel on the areas with sagging skin
  • Application of Massage oil and massage with cupping glasses for 45'
  • Body mask with trace elements, minerals, hyaluronic acid and lipolytic substances for slimming and skin tightening
  • Application of wrapping with Body Wrap
  • Thermo-blanket in low temperatures for 30’
  • Application of a finishing slimming cream

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