Enzymes are special proteins that help the chemical reactions performed in cell metabolism. When their quantity is not sufficient in the human body, fat-burning is not carried out properly.

With the enzyme therapy we increase their quantity to the appropriate level in your body so as to treat specific problems, such as cellulite, fluid retention, swelling and detox. The enzymes used in the body enzyme therapy are the following:

  • Keratinase - this is a main enzyme used in all treatments which helps keratolysis and the removal of dead cells and opens the way for the better penetration of the enzymes that follow.
  • Lipase - it helps the break-down of accumulated fat because of its strong lipolytic effect.
  • Collagenase - enzyme that helps the break-down of accumulated cellulite nodules. Collagenase breaks down the collagen fibres around fat cell nodules, which create the orange peel effect.
  • Hyaluronidase - enzyme that breaks down polysaccharides the excess concentration of which is responsible for fluid retention.

The results of the body enzyme therapy are:

  • 100% cellulite reduction
  • Reduction of perimeter fat up to 2 cm per area
  • Detoxification
  • Improvement of skin appearance and texture

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