OXYNERGY PARIS is an innovative company in the beauty industry. It has created a series of personalized cosmetics based on the latest developments in cosmetic science for direct and long-term results.

The company has developed its own active ingredients combined in such a way that it has reached a very high level of effectiveness with the support of clinical studies. The main purpose is to combat skin ageing.

It has created 11 serums with a high content of drastic substances based on the improvement of cellular respiration and the stimulation of fibroblasts in order to restore complete skin harmony and fix all imperfections and skin problems. In addition, the company has created 2 base creams, one lightweight and the other with a richer texture containing more peptides for more demanding skin types.

The idea behind personalized skincare is based on the individual requirements of each skin, i.e. with regard to hydration, whitening, anti-ageing, regulation of oiliness, wrinkles, facial erythrosis, uneven colour. Therefore, depending on the individual requirements and the age, the base cream may contain different serums from the total of 11 in order to treat various skin issues, thus eliminating the need to use 2 and 3 products to achieve the same result.

So as to boost the result, we may use the personalized serum before the cream.

Within 28-30 days of the cell cycle, we can see a considerable improvement in skin texture, colour and quality.

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