Establishing an effective skincare routine for your face is very important, because it can improve its look and texture by 40% to 60%.

Therefore, for your daily skincare we recommend the steps below that you should follow in the right order:

  • MORNING: Cleansing facial (depending on individual needs)
    Use of day and eye creams (depending on individual needs)
    Use of a sunblock
    Use of make-up if this is necessary
  • NIGHT: Cleansing facial
    Use of a serum if needed
    Use of night and eye creams
  • We recommend the following special skincare routine once or twice every week for even better results.

Special skincare:

  • Cleansing facial
  • Face peeling: We apply the peeling, scrub for 2' to 5' and rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. We recommend a face peeling with smooth grains so that the skin does not get injured, while the scrubbing action should not be intense. For sensitive, fine skin and skin with facial erythrosis we recommend an enzymatic peeling, which helps keratolysis through the enzymes and does not cause skin injuries.
  • Face mask: At this stage, we may use a face mask that will cover the special needs of our skin, for example a hydrating or anti-ageing or cleansing mask (for oily skin) or whitening mask (for skin with sun blotches).
  • We apply the mask on dry skin and leave it on for 20-25’. Then, we wet our fingertips, massage the area for 2' to 5' and rinse it off with plenty of water.
  • Use of a serum and face cream.

This is a mini treatment that any woman can perform at home by herself, which will improve the texture of her skin.

It is very important to choose the right cleansing product and face and night creams for your basic skincare routine.

Your face cream should be lightweight in order to cover one skin requirement such as hydration, whitening, tightening, anti-oxidation etc. Your night cream should be appropriate to cover another need of your skin. It has a richer texture and it contains more drastic substances, since skin cells regenerate at night hence more enhanced products are required. At night, we mainly use nourishing, anti-ageing, tightening, whitening creams with acids or even anti-ageing creams with acids. So as to boost results, we use serums before the night cream, since they contain greater quantities of drastic substances (20%-30%) and they are absorbed better by the skin thanks to their liquid form. However, this does not imply the elimination of the use of a night cream, because our skin still needs the lipids contained in the cream in order to retain its hydration and elasticity.

Tips: So as to choose the right skincare products, you can visit your beautician for a dermoanalysis (skin analysis) and a recommendation regarding the ideal cosmetics that will cover all the individual requirements of your skin.

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