What is a deep cleansing facial and how often should it be performed?

Deep Cleansing Facial is a basic care treatment intended for all skin types and all ages. The aim of deep cleansing is to remove impurities, dead cells and excess smegma from the skin.

If Deep Cleansing is not performed on a regular basis, depending on the skin type, then pores get clogged and oiliness starts to diffuse through the keratin layer of the skin, blocking insensible breathing (water and oxygen exchange with the atmosphere). As a result, the skin is not able to hydrate itself properly, it does not absorb cosmetic creams, it is more prone to regular spots, internal inflammation or redness is caused, facial erythrosis increases especially on cheekbones and the skin always looks dull and tired.

Following a Deep Cleansing Facial and within 15 to 20 days when all internal functions of the skin (e.g. oxygenation, hydration and detoxification) will be restored and improved, your skin will be more beautiful, brighter, glowing and healthier.

Skin type determines the frequency with which a Deep Cleansing Facial should be performed. Namely for:

  • Normal skin: once/year
  • Combination skin: 2-3 times/year
  • Dry skin: Every 1 to 2 years
  • Oily skin: Every 2 months
  • Acne-prone skin: Every 20-30 days until acne is restored

How is a Deep Cleansing Facial performed?

The treatment stages of a Deep Cleansing Facial are the following:

  • Make-up removal
  • Mechanical peeling or Peeling with acids depending on skin requirements
  • Application of a special mask product containing enzymes or a serum with acids that help smegma to liquefy
  • Steam for 20 minutes
  • Removal of smegma
  • Skin sterilization using HF currents and other antiseptic products
  • Comprehensive hydration, anti-ageing or oiliness regulation treatment depending on skin requirements

Who to trust for a cleansing facial treatment?

For this basic skin care treatment, you should only trust Beauticians who are graduates of the Technological Educational Institute, Department of Aesthetics and Cosmetic Science and hold a premises license that fulfils all the required specifications.

Deep cleansing is not a medical treatment and does not need to be performed in a surgery by a doctor, since it is done on healthy skin and it does not require medication.

However, it should not be performed at home or in premises that do not fulfil the required specifications and/or do not hold a Beauty Salon license, because there is always a high risk of incorrect handling or of skin getting infected by streptococcus, staphylococcus, propionibacterium acnes etc., due to the use of non-sterilized tools.

Does it leave marks?

Deep Cleansing Facial does leave marks on the skin because it will be performed by a skilled beautician and special methods, products and appliances will be used in order to liquefy and remove smegma easily. On oily skin, there might be a slight redness but this will go away within 6 to 8 hours.

In case I get frequent Cleansing Facials will skin pores increase and enlarge?

If you get frequent Cleansing Facials which we will combine with the appropriate healing treatments, you will not only see your skin pores appear fewer and smaller but your skin will also look and feel great after every treatment.

On the contrary, when a black spot remains in a pore for a long time, then its elastic tissues break and as a result, following the removal of the black spot, the pore will not be able to regain its initial condition and it will still be enlarged and open. Therefore, the solution for skin with no open and enlarged pores is to get frequent Cleansing Facials preventing the accumulation of smegma in them.

How should I take care of my skin following a Deep Cleansing Facial?

After a Deep Cleansing Facial and the following 2-3 days, you should take more care of your skin's hygiene and cleanliness.

  • On the same day, it would be well not to sweat excessively during your time at the gym and not to touch any dirty towels or surfaces.
  • Do not use heavy make-up particularly make-up with such a composition that clogs skin pores. Instead, you may use a covering product of light composition such as a BB or CC cream and then you may apply a light make-up without any problem.
  • If any peeling with acids was used during the facial, sunbathing should be avoided and a face sunscreen must be used for 15 days.
  • The proper skin care must be performed on a daily basis.
    1. Namely, daily cleansing every morning and night, in the morning in order to remove any toxins released by the skin during the night and at night in order to remove the pollution of the atmosphere and make-up. In this way, the result of the deep cleansing facial will last longer.
    2. Use a face peeling and a face mask at least once a week.
    3. Use a hydrating cream in the morning and an anti-oxidant or anti-ageing cream at night.
    4. Use a sunscreen on a daily basis.
  • There should be avoided treatments that may cause controlled skin injuries, such as Laser IPL, peeling with acids, facial RF treatments, for one week following the deep cleansing facial.

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